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Big Sky

The album opens with the organ-soaked Americana song “Big Sky,” a philosophical song on life perspectives that conjures The Band’s elegant earthiness. The vision within the song is the proximity of life being very big or very small. Going from a broad to a narrow view and seeing through a lens the relative distance or nearness in ourselves.

Ironic, Marching, Parallel
New Orleans Influences, Slide Guitars, Drum & Bass Rhythms, Blues Rock Qualities, Male Vocals

Patrick McLaughlin Just Like The Record

Just Like The Record

Just Like The Record is a culmination of a creative journey and captures the many facets of Patrick’s artistry at a high level. Each song builds excitement by using various stylistic textures allowing the listener to take part in a new encounter. The songs feature fresh collaborations and instrumentation, and some of Patrick’s finest songwriting. “I make it a rule for my latest record to never sound like my previous one. This album was built to sound different. None of the songs sound the same, and I love the idea that each song is a stylistic surprise,”